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Breeding and Ecosystem Services

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Coordinator: Ramanzin Maurizio

Member: Battaglini Luca, Bovolenta Stefano, Gandini Gustavo, Iacurto Miriam, Mattiello Silvana, Sarti Maria Francesca, Sturaro Enrico

Objective: The Commission aims to raise the awareness of researchers, technicians and various stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in the animal production sector on the role that the conceptual scheme of Ecosystem Services can play in promoting the sustainability of farms, and to propose a methodology for an initial national mapping of agro-zootechnical systems and the main ecosystem services that can be potentially associated with them


The commission produced a first report: "Agro-Zootechnical Systems and Ecosystem Services" Version 1.0 June 2019 It is also working on the recognition of the various databases available on the national territory at various scales (from municipal to regional) to: a) identify and map the various agro-zootechnical systems and b) identify and index the various ecosystem services associated with them.




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