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Purpose of the Association

Image by Jakob Cotton

The Association for Animal Science and Production aims to promote the progress of sciences and technologies that affect animals in livestock production, fish fauna, pets and sports animals, working animals and wildlife and, moreover, environmental, landscape, ethological, economic factors, animal welfare, quality, safety and use of products of animal origin .

This aim is achieved through: the promotion of research in the various sectors in which animal sciences are articulated, the organization of congresses, conventions, seminars, conferences and meetings between those who are dedicated to scientific research in the zootechnical field, as well as the promotion of contacts between National, foreign and international associations operating in related sectors in order to coordinate activities towards common objectives.

Furthermore, through the publication and dissemination of scientific works on zootechnical disciplines, the debate on the problems of training and teaching of zootechnics and related disciplines in Italian schools and especially in universities, collaboration with public and private bodies that work for progress animal sciences, and finally the performance of any other scientific and cultural activity deemed useful for the achievement of social purposes.

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