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Coordinator : Giulio Pagnacco

Members : Bovera Fulvia, Ciampolini Roberta, D'andrea Mariasilvia, Danieli Paolo, Fontanesi Luca, Martuzzi Francesca, Mattiello Silvana, Minozzi Giulietta, Walter Pinna, Rita Rizzi, Andrea Rosati, Cinzia Marchitelli, Alberto Cesarani, Carlo Dascenzi


Activities :

Letter from the Coordinator dated 24 June 2019

Dear all,

as you may already know, our Association deliberated, in the Assembly of June 14 last in Sorrento, the launch of an ASPA Beekeeping Commission for the first preliminary investigation of which the President appointed me.

The Commissions have the general purpose of investigating specific issues and certainly beekeeping has not so far played a leading role among the zootechnical sciences. I think it is therefore an excellent opportunity to start a discussion together that embraces the many problems connected with beekeeping.

I am thinking, first of all (but it is only my professional deformation) of the genetic issues of selection and conservation of the biodiversity of a species which, given its peculiar reproduction, risks more than others. But there are enormous environmental problems linked for example to pesticides (Glyphosate ...), or to the presence of alien antagonistic species (Vespa velutina ...), or to pathologies and parasites brought about by globalization (Varroa destructor ...). To all this are added important problems of importing honey that impoverish national productions and for which burning issues of product traceability and recognition of their authenticity also arise. Nor can it be overlooked that bees produce not only honey, but pollen, propolis, royal jelly and finally provide a very important eco-systemic pollination service still insufficiently perceived and evaluated. All this in a scenario of pressing climate change that upsets environmental balances that have consolidated over the last millennia.

To give order and scientific depth to these topics and to others that will certainly be added, I propose that you confirm the interest you verbally expressed to me in Sorrento, perhaps also proposing other colleagues whose passion for bees you know. But also beekeeping issues you have dealt with or would like to deal with, (very important) interactions with professional and breeding realities and finally possible objectives and modus operandi of this same Commission which, like all the others, must carry out its activities in a non Infinity.

I think it would be useful to arrive after the summer with some propositive ideas and, with a plenary or telematic meeting, to start the Commission's activities.

A warm greeting to all and see you soon.

Giulio Pagnacco


Letter from the Coordinator of 14 January 2020

Dear all,

as already announced, I am inviting you to participate in a plenary session of the ASPA Beekeeping Commission to be held in Rome at the CNR headquarters (Piazza Aldo Moro) on February 14th (more precise instructions will follow) with the following program.

Morning (10.30 - 13.30) dedicated to the presentations of some stakeholders who will introduce their organization to which they belong and then focus their interventions on the issues that they see most binding by their respective observers with the aim of identifying points of convergence between Research and Industry. Each speech will last approximately 30/40 minutes to which will be added an informal debate among those present.

Our guests will be:

  1. Giuseppe mullet ( ), President UNAAPI, an association of second level which brings together local associations of beekeepers from 15 Italian regions and professional associations transversal

  2. Elio Bonfanti ( ), Beekeeper and President of AISSA, association for the selection and protection of Apis mellifera

  3. Diego Pagani ( ), President of CONAPI, the national consortium of beekeepers is the largest cooperative enterprise between member beekeepers of a national character in Italy

  4. Paola Bidin ( ), Beekeeper and UNAAPI Vice-President

Afternoon (15.00 - 17.30) dedicated to an informal discussion among the members of the Commission (but if the speakers in the morning can stop they are obviously welcome). The aim will be to think about the possible convergence towards common research themes that are characterized by a strong adherence to the problems that emerged during the morning.

In addition to the guests and members of the Beekeeping Commission, I took the liberty of extending the invitation to other colleagues who, to my knowledge, work on projects in the beekeeping field and who I think can make a useful contribution to the debate (including Sara Panseri, Stefano Biffani , Mariagrazia Di Iorio).

Waiting to meet you soon, I renew my best wishes for a lucky 2020






















































































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