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The quality of food of animal origin and human health


Coordinator : Mele Marcello

Members : Bailoni Lucia, Baldi Antonella, Basirico 'Loredana, Bernabucci Umberto, Bertoni Giuseppe, Buccioni Arianna, Caroli Anna, Infascelli Federico, Mele Marcello, Meluzzi Adele, Nicastro Francesco, Nudda Anna, Pauselli Mariano, Priolo Alessandro, Rossi Filippo.

Goals :

  • Contribute to improving knowledge on the nutritional and functional value of foods of animal origin also in relation to farming and feeding systems and to the species and breeds raised.

  • Organize training and information events on

  • Establish collaborative relationships with the medical-scientific sector in order to improve knowledge on the relationship between the consumption of food of animal origin and human health

Activities :

Seminar course Meat and health, at the University of Sassari

Friday 14 February 2020.


Publications :

FOODS OF ANIMAL ORIGIN AND HEALTH (2015) edited by Mele M. and Pulina G. Franco Angeli publisher, Milan.

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