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Statistical methodology and experimental design


Coordinator: Prof. Giuseppe Conte


Stefano Biffani, Tania Bobbo, Elena Ciani, Paola Crepaldi, Corrado Dimauro, Giustino Gaspa, Camillo Pieramati, Nicolò Pietro Paolo Macciotta, Riccardo Bozzi, Francesca Maria Sarti.

Damiano Cavallini, Alessandro Vastolo.


The Commission aims to promote and spread culture and ongoing training on statistical methodology and the design of experiments applied to zootechnical sciences.


The Commission intends to promote knowledge of the correct organization of experimental activities, the collection and processing of research data and the interpretation of the results.


Mathematical - statistical knowledge applied to zootechnical sciences, alongside the use of dedicated software for data processing, are the basis of the training of a good researcher.

Activities 2022-2023:


  • Organization of the “ADVANCED STATISTICAL ANALYSIS FOR ZOOTECHNICAL SCIENCES” course which will take place from 20 to 24 June in Pisa at the Department of Agricultural, Food and Agro-environmental Sciences. It will see the participation of 42 members from 15 institutions including 13 universities, Assonapa and Ismea.
    Teachers: Giuseppe Conte, Elena Ciani, Corrado Dimauro, Giustino Gaspa, Camillo Pieramati, Nicolò Macciotta, Francesca Maria Sarti

  • Webinar: Are we able to reproduce scientific research? Instructions for Use.
    Speaker: Dr. Stefano Biffani - IBBA-CNR, 24 March 2022

  • Webinar: Predicting subclinical mastitis in Italian Mediterranean buffalo using functional controls and climatic information: methodological approaches and issues
    Speaker: Dr. Stefano Biffani - IBBA-CNR 25 May 2023.

  • September 2023: Course of multivariate analysis organized by the colleagues of University of Sassari

  • The Course of Basic statistics is in preparation for 2024.



We are organizing the course of "ADVANCED STATISTICAL ANALYSIS FOR ZOOTECHNICAL SCIENCES" dates and modalities will be communicated in the autumn.



ELEMENTS OF BASIC STATISTICS FOR ZOOTECHNICAL SCIENCES (2018), edited by Giuseppe Conte, Corrado Dimauro,

Nicolò Pietro Paolo Macciotta, EFG – Edizioni Fotolibri Gubbio, 288 p., ISBN: 978-88-85581-15-9.

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