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Use of agro-industrial by-products in animal feed


Coordinator : Prof. Massimo Todaro

Members :

Giovanni Battacone, Serena Calabrò, Pierpaolo Danieli, Anna De Angelis, Giulia Foggi, Aristide Maggiolino, Simone Mancini, Federica Mannelli, Roberta Matera, David Meo Zilio, Marianna Oteri, Mariano Pauselli, Lucia, Sepe, Andrea Serra, Doriana Eurosia Angela Tedesco.

Alessandra Roncarati, Vincenzo Tufarelli.


The objective of the Commission is to conduct an organic investigation on the by-products deriving from agro-industrial processing that could be used in livestock farming, with particular attention to their chemical and nutritional composition, their potential effects on the environmental sustainability of livestock production, and to their ability to enrich animal production with interesting substances from a nutraceutical point of view.

State of the art and reasons justifying the activation of the Study Commission:


The analysis of the works presented at the XXV ASPA Congress in Monopoli (BA) highlighted the considerable interest in agricultural-industrial by-products as a source of interesting nutrients for the feeding of our livestock animals, both monogastric and ruminants. The interest in the use of these by-products in animal feed arises from the triple interest of reducing the cost of the ration, containing the environmental impact of livestock farming, as well as obtaining animal production (milk, cheese, meat, eggs) enriched with substances with a nutraceutical effect. However, at the moment there is no organic framework available regarding the availability of the various by-products and their actual compositional characteristics determined with respect to the aforementioned advantageous uses in the context of animal production.


Activities of the Study Commission:


The study activities of the Commission will be related to:


1. comparison between Italian researchers who deal with agricultural-industrial by-products;

2. bibliographic research on all the by-products used in the nutrition of monogastric and ruminants animals;

3. activities to encourage research towards those by-products that have a greater need for study and research activities;


Deliverables of the Study Commission:


Among the documents produced by the Commission, it is planned to prepare both scientific (reviews, brochures) and technical (brochures, informative articles) articles and documents aimed at increasing the dissemination of knowledge on the by-products used in animal husbandry.

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